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What to Expect When Switching from Paper to Digital Checklists

Jan 4, 2022 8:57:00 PM / by Taylor Faircloth

digital checklists

It’s not a secret that there are benefits of checklists that make them an important part of business procedures across many industries. That’s especially true when personnel are working at multiple remote locations. Checklists allow you to get more done, delegate and perform tasks easier, reach goals faster, as well as save time and brainpower. 

As new and emerging technologies empower workflow in so many industries, the next practical step is the digitalization of checklists – sometimes referred to as checklist apps or checklist software. Field service workers and other remote personnel can achieve step-change improvements in their workflow when switching from paper to digital checklists. Let’s take a look at 16 benefits of digital checklists:

Increased accountability

Accountability is now, and always has been, vital in the workplace. Digital checklists enable you to increase that accountability in multiple ways. 

1. Verify completion of a task

When you have practical digital checklists, you’ll be able to check on or report on the progress of any given task quickly. That is not only helpful but will save time as you won’t have to call, email or reach out to confirm project status. 

2. Ensure compliance with required protocols and performance standards

Maintaining compliance with company procedures and industry standards can be challenging yet essential for safety, regulatory adherence and customer satisfaction. Digital checklists provide you with the ability to guarantee compliance through a list of steps that must be completed. 

3. Track time on a specific task or job site

Tracking time spent on tasks or at job sites will let you monitor and measure how efficiently work is getting done. It will help to increase productivity by providing insights into where you can make process improvements or where training might be needed. 

4. Demonstrate your value

When you have a digital checklist, you’ll have “concrete” proof of how effective you are at completing tasks and contributing to your company’s success. That ensures you can present your value with a list of completed objectives whenever needed. 

5. Automatic updates ensure that procedures and forms are never outdated

Digital checklists can be constantly and automatically updated, guaranteeing that you are never working with outdated forms or procedures. A checklist removes the need to send new paper forms every time there’s a change. 

6. Minimize the likelihood of human errors in the process of data collection and input

Human errors are an accepted part of the job in many industries. However, when working with mission-critical systems, hazardous materials or sensitive data, you must reduce or even eliminate mistakes. Digital checklists make this possible. 

Improved efficiency

Checklists, even manual versions, help improve efficiency. But with digital checklists, you can take your productivity and efficiency to a whole new level. 

7. Reduce time on the job with real-time input 

When you input your data or check something off your list as the work is done, it cuts down on the time needed to perform the job. Having that little extra time without sacrificing the quality of your work is vital nowadays. 

8. Focus on the task at hand

Seeing and understanding each task involved in a given job will give you a massive efficiency boost. The confidence gained with a clear display of the objectives and steps to accomplish a task will also increase the quality of your work. 

9. Reduce paperwork … and paper

Paperwork is not only wasteful for the environment; paper-intensive processes are a waste of valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere. Using digital checklists will enable you to eliminate time-consuming paperwork, thereby streamlining tasks and procedures. And you’ll be “going green” at the same time. 

10. Stay organized with all the documents at your fingertips

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling work orders in your service vehicle or on someone’s desk in your facility. Checklist software gives you a consistently organized method to instantly access the information you need when you need it. 

11. Increase your mobility

When you make the switch to digital checklists, there can be the misconception that you’re tied to a laptop or desktop computer. However, with mobile devices like cell phones or tablets, you can take your checklists on to go and access information wherever you are. 

12. Eliminates unnecessary costs of manual operation

Manual operations take a surprising toll on you and your company. From printing, paper storage and document disposal to environmental costs, your company will cut out the high costs of manual operations. 

Higher team engagement

Enhancing communication and engagement are also benefits of checklists, elevating teamwork and collaboration. 

13. Increase communication between workers

Digital checklists give all team members the ability to communicate quickly and effectively without submitting a paper form. This is a huge benefit for jobs requiring on-time communication about project status and next steps. 

14. Give visibility for all to do their jobs

Checklist software allows the easy sharing of schedules, tasks, procedures, and other aspects of a project, ensuring that all appropriate personnel have visibility to the work being done. It helps teams, departments, sites, and plants work together and overcome barriers and stalled-out processes. Digital checklists also make reporting simple and transparent.

Increased trust between you and your manager

It may seem surprising, but digital checklists can help build trust with managers and lend credibility to remote workers.

15. Gain confidence with documented workflow and clear accountability

Real-time visibility of projects in progress is critical to keep operations running smoothly. Digital checklists provide standardized procedures, ensuring that all work is performed at the same high-quality level. It gives you, your manager, and your teammate confidence in each other with the ability to monitor each step and confirm performance in real-time. 

16. Increase precision and accuracy of data

Another one of the benefits of checklists is that everyone on the team can count on complete and accurate data, confirmed with automated consistency checks. Accurate data brings clarity to workflow and enables managers to track trends and performance.

Go digital sooner, not later

Industries across the country are updating to digital processes. In this new work environment, paper-based checklists cause organizations to move too slow and make individuals prone to making mistakes. It’s more efficient and cost-effective to go digital with your checklists. 

Join the wave sweeping all sorts of industries. Learn more about checklist software and workflow management tools from Chekhub.

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Taylor Faircloth

Written by Taylor Faircloth

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