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Transforming Operations: The Game-Changing Impact of Chekhub's Digital Checklists

Dec 7, 2023 10:30:15 AM / by Chekhub


Digitizing MOPs, SOPs, and other procedures is a transformative solution to the growing challenges stemming from the nation’s skilled labor shortage. Nowhere is this more evident than within the critical realm of data center operations. The adoption of digital checklists affords significant advantages that contribute to the overall efficiency and efficacy of the workforce.

The data center sector has been grappling with a shortage of skilled labor for several years. A hardship underscored by the fact that 54% of data center owner/operators identify staffing as their biggest operational challenge. Compounding the issue, a substantial 42% struggle to retain the talent they do have

Digital checklists not only allow for the standardization of processes and procedures, but allow for ease of scale. Digitized procedures are performed consistently, reducing the need for highly skilled workers to be involved in every step and make it easier for less experienced workers to follow established procedures. 

Below are some highlights of Chekhub’s Digital Checklist functionality that have helped our customers scale their teams, reduce human error and drive efficiency. 

Create and Collaborate:

Untitled designDrag & drop Checklist Creation: Building digital checklists in Chekhub is easy with its user-friendly checklist creation process. With 20 available step types and a drag-and-drop interface, creating tailored checklists becomes a seamless task.

Collaborate with Stakeholders: Automate the editing and approval process before publishing  with transparent version control and limitless approval stages. This ensures that the checklist is refined and error-free before it reaches the hands of technicians, fostering a culture of precision and accountability.


Empower the Team

Dynamic Tagging Dynamic Tagging: Chekhub empowers operations teams by incorporating dynamic tagging to reduce human error. These tags automatically populate specific information dependent on the assigned asset, streamlining the checklist creation process. 

Embedded Checklists: For maximum efficiency when creating checklists, the platform allows the embedding of previously created checklists as sections, eliminating redundancy in procedure creation. 

Decision Tree Step: This feature enables the creation of checklist branches dependent on specific decision points, giving technicians different instructions based on their answers throughout the checklist. Drag & Drop the Ticket Step

Create a Ticket Step: One of Chekhub’s most popular features, the ‘create a ticket’ step allows technicians to create tickets right from the field. Techs can report incidents promptly right from their current procedure and will be associated with the current work for more robust historical data. 


Enhance and Enable:

Freeze control mobile vidAdd pictures and video: The platform goes beyond traditional checklists by incorporating multimedia elements. Checklist creators can add pictures or videos to each step, providing enhanced instruction for In-the-Job Training. 

Upload pictures and media: Technicians can upload pictures, videos, or files to showcase progress and completed work, fostering transparency and accountability. 

Scan barcodes, QR Codes, NFC tags: The ability to scan barcodes, QR codes, or NFC tags ensures that work is conducted on the correct asset in the right location, preventing errors and saving valuable time. 

Conditional Logic Controls:  Essential to the precision and safety of many operational tasks, is the function of conditional logic controls configured in any checklist step. With Chekhub, you can automate the triggering of alerts, pause or freeze checklists due to incorrect inputs, and require two-person verification before proceeding on a checklist.

In conclusion, Chekhub's digital checklists offer a transformative solution for operations teams seeking to elevate their efficiency, accuracy, and overall process improvement. By streamlining checklist creation, fostering collaboration, and incorporating dynamic features, Chekhub emerges as a powerful tool that not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern operational challenges. Embrace the future of operations with Chekhub, and witness the positive impact on your entire workforce and operational ecosystem.



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Written by Chekhub

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