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TouchtelUSA Creates Clear Scope of Work for Nationwide Network of Technicians Using Chekhub

Feb 17, 2022 10:28:00 AM / by Taylor Faircloth

touchtelusaDelivering entirely turn-key technology packages, along with strategic planning and implementation, is a complicated process – but being able to manage specific tasks all in one place is a game-changer. That was TouchtelUSA’s experience when the IT Field Service and Project Management company set out to create a clear scope of work for its many technicians across the country. 

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TouchtelUSA works with organizations to design and install state-of-the-art technological solutions. The company’s work can be found in hundreds of well-known organizations throughout the United States. With a goal of facilitating the seamless acquisition, installation and integration of leading-edge technology, TouchtelUSA was not looking to add just any solution to the list of platforms it was already using. The company needed a system that was easy for the team to learn. The concern was that it would take a great deal of time and effort to get up and running on a new platform for tracking fieldwork. 

“We couldn’t have a system that was overly complicated to set up and deploy,” says Michael Procopio, Executive Vice President at TouchtelUSA. 

 “We needed a platform that was intuitive both internally and externally.” TouchtelUSA required a system that could also provide the level of detail they needed when assigning tasks to ensure effective service delivery. The management team chose the Chekhub operations management platform, an easy-to-use solution that enables the creation of a clearly defined workflow for IT Technicians in the field.


“Chekhub is easy and instinctive, especially compared to other processes our technicians have to deal with. Having a very clear checklist makes it easier on our technicians and removes the ambiguity. It confirms the scope of work, assures we’ve gotten the job done in a consistent manner, and delivers a successful outcome.” – Michael Procopio, Executive Vice President, TouchtelUSA

“In the past, we didn’t know when the technician arrived, what they were doing or when they departed. Spending the time upfront to create a clear checklist of what needs to happen has helped us avoid miscommunications,” says Procopio. TouchtelUSA now has a much clearer picture of all work performed at the customer site, improving logistics throughout the company. 

The ability to easily onboard new technicians was particularly important to the TouchtelUSA team. Now, using the Chekhub platform, it is simple and straightforward to Touchtel to get new hires set up with an account quickly, so they can deliver consistent and reliable service to their customers. 

Procopio also speaks to the flexibility and responsiveness of the Chekhub team, which supports the seamless rollout of TouchtelUSA’s expansive technology systems by avoiding any downtime. 

“If I need a question answered, Chekhub responds quickly and is extremely helpful. Feedback is also taken into consideration, which is important.” 

TouchtelUSA recently performed a large national deployment deployed over 500 AV rooms for a client. Providing a checklist by room or building was imperative to ensure the success of the project. Using Chekhub, the project managers had a clear view of what was taking place onsite on a daily basis and across the entire project. 

TouchtelUSA prides itself on saving its customers’ time and money by providing cutting-edge solutions, and the company is now able to do the same for itself by employing Chekhub checklists. 

“Since we began using Chekhub, our re-dispatch rate has dropped by more than 15%. This means we are meeting the client requirements the first time out, which makes for a satisfied client and reduces our costs. We are also able to invoice faster because we have the time in the system and the client can see it, so more accurate invoicing is a result. It also definitely sets us apart from our clients. They like knowing we have a systematic way to manage the field.” 

About TouchtelUSA: 

TouchtelUSA is a full-service IT Field Service and Project Management Firm. Adapting to the newest technology as it becomes available providing their customers with a one-stop solution for all of their Technology and Structured Cabling needs. 

About Chekhub:

Chekhub is the best-in-class SaaS platform designed with a focus on empowering frontline teams to perform their work with greater clarity, precision, and efficiency. As the premiere software for operations management, the platform combines all your schedules, locations, assets, teams, and workflow processes in one powerful, easy-to-use digital platform for technicians, management, and customers alike. With Chekhub, organizations can manage and maximize their daily operations and eliminate critical errors – allowing them to deliver an exceptional customer experience, increase profitability and successfully scale their business. 

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Taylor Faircloth

Written by Taylor Faircloth

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