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Top Three Challenges That Field Service Companies Face

Sep 3, 2020 9:19:00 PM / by Ajay Nagar

field service challenges

Service and operations managers are rockstars; juggling projects, staff, and priorities, all while managing and exceeding customer expectations. Businesses rely on siloed systems and manual tools, like spreadsheets to manage staff, tasks, assets and locations, which makes it very difficult to extract concise information and make timely decisions. After talking with hundreds of service professionals, we have found that the top three challenges include increased errors, lack of productivity and efficiency, and inaccurate reporting and analysis. 


We’ve seen experts and experienced technicians make irreversible mistakes attributing to reasons like ambiguous instructions and complacency. These mistakes put your reputation and business at stake. People working off of their memory or a printed piece of paper is no longer acceptable in today’s mobile era.

Productivity and Efficiency

An organization may use between 4-6 siloed systems to manage tasks, technicians, assets, tickets, and checklists. Managers and technicians spend a lot of time looking at disparate systems and combining information to make decisions. Studies suggest facilities teams spend an average of 47 minutes per day looking for information they need to make decisions and get things done. This waste of time and resources make a dent in your productivity and efficiency.

Reporting and Analysis

Accurate information is crucial for your team’s success. When managers and technicians have to monitor and gather data from multiple systems to check the status of an assignment or generate SLA reports, they are not only losing time but also making errors, contributing to the challenges above. Siloed systems are not designed to or capable of providing a true single pane of actionable information.

Modern business demands automated tools that give actionable information when needed on mobile devices. 

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Ajay Nagar

Written by Ajay Nagar

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