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Numilk Partners with Chekhub to Enable Operations

Apr 21, 2021 11:27:00 AM / by Taylor Faircloth

Chekhub’s partnership with Numilk will assist their continued growth and expansion

RALEIGH, NC (April 21, 2021)—Food technology start-up, Numilk, selects Chekhub to provide an Operations Management Platform that will assist with their continued growth and expansion. Numilk will be using Chekhub’s platform in manufacturing processes of Numilk’s equipment, managing new deployments, and preventative maintenance.

Numilk was recently featured on Shark Tank, where it made a significant investment deal with Mark Cuban. Their technology’s innovative design produces fresh plant-based almond milk, oat milk, and more with the push of a button. Numilk’s upcoming expansion serves to make plant-based, sustainably made milk products more available to commercial and consumer markets.

Chekhub was founded in 2020 in Raleigh with the mission to help companies get more done. The Chekhub platform was designed to help companies like Numilk manage their tasks, procedures, assets, and schedules, and create more efficient and productive workflows.

Chekhub Founder and CEO, Jon Trout, believes Chekhub’s platform will provide massive support as Numilk proceeds with their upcoming expansion. He said, “We are excited to partner with an innovative company like Numilk as they disrupt the red-hot global plant-based milk space. Their adoption of Chekhub is a big milestone for our team as we continue working to bring clarity to all aspects of business operations.”

Numilk is rolling out their commercial machines in grocery stores such as Whole Foods and coffee shops across the country, with an In-Home version coming soon as well. As Numilk expands their operations, Chekhub’s platform will provide the necessary support needed to track, manage, and complete Numilk’s new order fulfillments and future maintenance.

Prior to their partnership with Chekhub, Numilk’s operations relied on inefficient processes that allowed limited oversight of their workflow. Chekhub will provide them with the visibility needed to scale company growth, and deploy and manage new commercial machines in the field.

Of the company’s recent Chekhub integration, Numilk CFO and VP of Engineering, Lennie Friedman, said, “As we increase operations and deployments, the Chekhub platform provides a single solution that gives us visibility and efficiency. We can manage the life cycle of our equipment from manufacturing to installation and then to ongoing maintenance.”

About Chekhub: Chekhub is an easy-to-use, operations-management solution that empowers users to get more done. The Chekhub platform provides all the tools necessary to create, perform, and complete tasks with absolute clarity and accuracy. For more information, visit, or follow on Linkedin to learn more.

About Numilk: Numilk is plant-based as it should be: better tasting, better for you, and better for the planet. Made by you. For more information, visit, or follow on social to learn more.


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Taylor Faircloth

Written by Taylor Faircloth

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