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Why Employee Training and Development Makes for Better Business

Feb 3, 2022 9:04:00 PM / by Taylor Faircloth

employee training

We often hear companies say their employees are their greatest asset, and that’s true if the organization is genuinely dedicated to employee development and retention. When employees are knowledgeable, skilled, motivated and efficient, they perform at the highest level and convey their enthusiasm to your customers. Companies that focus on employee training and development are bound to be winners in their field.

Employee development is a critical component to building a highly-skilled workforce. By equipping your workers with the strategies and tools they need to do their jobs well, they feel valued and vested in the overall success of your business. Employee development involves not only training on new technologies and skills but also developing individuals to be better leaders and work together in cooperative teams. In constantly changing industries, employee development helps workers stay at the top of their game to deliver their best work every day.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of employee training and development and why it builds a better business.

Attract Outstanding Talent

Recruiting top-notch employees should be a priority for companies striving for excellence. It makes sense that people who are good at what they do are drawn to companies that invest in them. With the stiff competition for qualified employees, a well-thought-out employee development program is a sure way for companies to set themselves apart.

Consider that 83% of college graduates believe their education prepared them for their career, but 84% still expect formal training. Furthermore, one study showed that 57% of job candidates see professional development as an important benefit for companies to offer.

Making employee development part of your benefits package shows that you are a competitive company looking to hire the best and brightest people willing to work hard and are eager to grow their careers.

Elevate Employee Performance

Most individuals want to do their jobs well. Poor performance is frustrating and demotivating, while performing at a high level gives employees a strong sense of job satisfaction. Well-trained employees understand how their jobs benefit the whole. They are confident in their work and can perform optimally. Continuous performance improvement is one of the key outcomes of a robust employee training and development program.

Improve Skills and Knowledge

To offer effective employee development programs, companies must first identify the root cause of underperforming workers. Where are the knowledge or skill deficiencies? What tools or training do your employees need to do their jobs better? Addressing specific knowledge gaps will give your team the skills they need to improve their day-to-day work, achieve better outcomes and contribute to your bottom line.

Employee development needs can range from specific technical training to soft skills such as team building, communication and conflict management. Targeted and tailored training improves the skills and knowledge of the team exactly where it is needed, contributing to the organization’s overall success.

Increase Employee Engagement

Employee empowerment and engagement is a proven business strategy for many leading companies. Engaged employees are productive, loyal, strong team members and willing to go the extra mile to please customers. They take pride and exhibit a sense of urgency in their work, striving to get the job done efficiently and accurately. Furthermore, because they are highly focused on their work, engaged employees are less likely to have safety incidents on the job.

Employee training and development enables workers to take responsibility and be more accountable, thereby creating a more engaged workforce.

Boost Job Satisfaction

Some managers assume that employee satisfaction comes from fun events or giveaways, like office parties, free lunches and tickets to a local sporting event. While these perks can provide immediate gratification, nothing is as valuable as the long-term pride and satisfaction that comes when employees are able to contribute at their fullest professional potential. Companies committed to training and development demonstrate to employees that they can trust their company to invest in them and their future.

When employees get the training they need, they see a direct impact on their work. This experience creates a sense of ownership, not only in their own job performance but also in the organization’s success. Empowering employees through training improves their overall job satisfaction.

Develop Future Leaders

Does your organization have a succession plan for top leaders and middle managers as individuals are promoted and others retire? Do you have redundancy in roles in case key employees leave the company? Employee development programs give you an incubator for your organization’s future leaders.

As employees engage in training and development, you have the opportunity to see how they progress and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Employee development allows you to close any knowledge gaps and mold employees for future positions. Investing in employee development now means you can move the right people into leadership roles when the time is right. You end up with highly-qualified leaders who recognize your investment in them and are loyal to your company in return.

Utilizing Technology to Advance Employee Training and Development

Considering these many benefits, it’s easy to see how employee development offers a critical advantage for today’s businesses. Yet, the act of implementing employee training and development programs can be daunting.

Workflow technology offers a valuable solution that has proven successful for training across industries. The Chekhub operations management platform enables companies to embed learning and support right into their workflows. Employees can access training modules, answer assessment questions and receive qualifications – all while doing their jobs. The software platform offers real-time learning opportunities for personnel while giving managers new tools for identifying and leveraging employee strengths and increasing productivity and efficiency in their workflows.

Whether you deploy workflow automation with embedded training, bring in speakers for lunch-and-learns, or implement a cross-training program among employees, make employee development a priority. You’ll find that it brings new life and enthusiasm to your organization.

Contact us to learn more about the Chekhub operations management platform, its training features and how we can help take your workforce to the next level.

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Taylor Faircloth

Written by Taylor Faircloth

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