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Chekhub's 2023 Journey of Growth and Empowering Teams to Scale Worldwide

Jan 4, 2024 4:53:01 PM / by Sarah El-Taher

As January unfolds, it's customary to reflect on the year gone by and Chekhub has an abundance of achievements to share! Throughout the past year, our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to innovate and expand our platform. But the impact extends far beyond our own achievements. The 2023 results strongly emphasize how Chekhub users worldwide have scaled, standardized, and elevated their businesses to new heights.

Efficiency in Action:

Without a doubt, the most profitable benefit of using Chekhub is the exponential efficiency our users gain by managing all their people, teams, schedules, processes, workflows, and assets in a single platform. 

This efficiency has translated into accelerated business-wide scaling for our customers and is represented in the staggering increase in checklists submitted in the platform over 2023: a remarkable 65% surge, totaling 163,117 checklists!

Unprecedented Growth:

Even more astonishing is the unprecedented increase in the number of sites added to the platform – a staggering 837% increase from 2022, with 53,011 new sites joining Chekhub in 2023. These numbers emphasize the trust and reliance businesses place in Chekhub to facilitate scaling and streamlining their operations.

2023 EOY images (2)

In addition, more users such as data center operations teams, are relying on Chekhub to support critical processes such as approval flows and preventative maintenance. In 2023, 67% more tickets included Approval Chains to ensure the precision and validation of work assigned. When leveraging Chekhub as a DCOP™ (Data Center Operations Platform), teams utilize our impressive CMMS solution, a function that’s gaining widespread popularity for its streamlined structure and user-friendliness. This year alone, Chekhub supported the facilitation of 11,772 preventative maintenance events.   

Milestone Celebrations:

2023 EOY images (1)In 2023, Chekhub celebrated its third birthday, and in this short span, the platform has become a global force. With over 6,800 users across 35 countries, Chekhub is empowering businesses to successfully scale, grow, and standardize their operations.


Expressing Gratitude:

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all our Chekhub champions who support us every day! With your commitment we eagerly anticipate an even brighter year in 2024. We pledge to continue our dedication to evolving our product, strategy, and direction with the guidance and insights from our peers, clients, supporters, market trends, and our resilient team.

Cheers to a year of growth, and continued collaboration and success! 


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Sarah El-Taher

Written by Sarah El-Taher

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